Our paid member service terminated on 31st August 2016 and was replaced with a free subscriber service.

Why did the paid service finish?

Our paid member service provided one selection daily where early odds had been made available. This proved very effective and during the period it operated in this manner we achieved 11 profitable months out of 14.

However, bookmakers are not daft and they took measures to curb our effectiveness. They increased their knowledge of the markets in which we operate, they avoided offering odds at all on meetings where they were most likely to be vulnerable and they reacted quickly when exposed.

Although we continued to do well, it certainly became more difficult and we decided that it may not be prudent to continue making selections every day.

Are there still any decent bets to be had?

Yes. Although they have improved significantly, they are still prone to making blunders. Not as often as before but it does still happen and some of them are whoppers too. We can still have some fun.

How does the new subscriber service work?

The subscriber service will provide occasional selections to those that choose to add their email to our mailing list. They are provided entirely free but will not be made available on the website, other than on the password protected member page. These selections will be those where we consider bookmakers have made a significant error.

Will I make money betting on these selections?

We certainly hope so but they are provided free and without any guarantee. Betting is at your own risk and you should only risk what you can afford to lose.

Will I get loads of emails from you?

No. We will send you emails containing the selections and possibly occasional special offers of our own or from select third parties that we partner with. We guarantee these will not average more than one per week and probably considerably less often. You are free to unsubscribe at any time and every mail we send you will contain an easy link to do this.

Do you produce tips for racing outside of South America?

We operate other websites that cater for tips on racing from other regions. For tips covering South African race meetings please visit southafricahorseracing.com and for tips covering racing from Hong Kong and Singapore please see asiahorseracing.com.